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A. To share, demonstrate and show in practical life the compassion of Jesus Christ to the to the people of India through voluntary help, relief work in national emergencies, medical assistance, educational assistance and various other forms of philanthropic activities.

B. To spread, teach and propagate the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples the people including Muslims in India.

C. To promote the spiritual advancement to the people of India including Muslims through emphasizing the need for a spiritual change in each individual in order to strengthen spiritual, ethical and moral values.

D. To propagate and teach a living relationship between God the Creator of this world and the universe on the one hand, and mankind on the other hand, and to teach all to have peace with God and man.

E. To establish, maintain and develop for a training and research centre in evangelization and rehabilitation, where men and women shall receive education and training of the highest possible grade. In order to equip them to fight for justice for the poor and homeless in our beloved country and community and to serve people with disabilities in the best spirit of Christian service in the promotion of health and relief of sufferings.

F. To establish orphanages, destitute, poor homes, blind schools, nursery schools, home for the aged and shelter providing safe temporary housing for women and their children any situation which has created homelessness for the individual victim of domestic abuse and other family problems and violence, separated, divorced and widowed people.

G. To cloth the naked and feed the hungry and care for the orphan and widows to alleviate their hunger and oppression, so to transform all of life and creation.

H. To establish educational, and medical relief centers in the villages where no or negligible education and medical relief in the villages are available.

I. To establish vocational training institutes either technical, industrial etc. For the further objects of the Trust.

J. Construction and maintenance of drinking water facility, community projects in rural areas and in slum, including installation of pump-sets, digging of wells, tube wells and laying of pipes for supply of drinking water.

K. To create good harmony between religions especially with the Muslims and Christian relationship.

L. To establish devotional and worshipping centres such as Churches, Ashrams, Bible Schools, Colleges, Training Schools and maintain related facilities such as Cemeteries etc.

M. To do any acts of charity well in the consideration of the Trust.

N. To do any or all of the following acts for the furtherance of the objects mentioned above.


a) Arrange for necessary courses of instruction for training personnel for work with people having disabilities in prevention, early detection, management, rehabilitation and caring relevant to the social, economic and cultural situation, especially in the rural setting.

b) To conduct training conferences, seminars and programs for the training of Christian young men and women who may volunteer their services to further the objects of the Trust.

c) Employ qualified, committed trainers and other staffs who subscribe to the objects of the Trust.

d) To have a multidisciplinary approach in the training so that the trained personnel will be able to look after the needs of the people community with varied disabilities.

e) To arrange for the placing of Christian young men and women who have served in fellowship with the Trust in pursuit of the objects thereof into such training or studies in India as may be considered by the members of the Trust to be beneficial for the Trust in the accomplishment of the objects thereof, and to bear the expenses and cost of such training, also to carry other training as seem necessary by the members of the Trust.

f) To conduct conventions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, tours, camps, study classes, for further propagation of the objects and aims of the Trust.

g) To encourage and co-operate with any enterprise whether conducted by any associations, present or future, which shall have for its objects the making or doing any works or things conductive directly or indirectly to the fulfilment of the object of the Trust.

h) Carry on any other activity, which may seem to the Trust capable of being convenient to be carried on in connection with the above or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of any of the properties or rights of the Trust.

i) Apply any surplus made from any activity or any surplus in the hands of the Trust solely for the purpose of the Trust. So that they shall at no time be distributed among the members.

j) To assist other individuals or groups that are devoted to the same objects as this Trust by giving them grants, subsidies, concessions or special financial help, by providing maintenance for their motor vehicles or other equipments or supplies for them or any other way, in such circumstances as seem proper to the members in keeping with the religious objects of this Trust.

k) To be most effective and reliable sources of information and support for the persecuted new believers from the Muslim community.

l) To give persecuted converts from Muslim communities the source of information to promote the teaching of Jesus Christ.

m) To give relief and refuge of families of Christian martyrs in the area.

n) To undertake projects of encouragement to help believers from Muslim background rebuild their lives and witness in countries that have suffered Muslim oppression.

o) To win to Christ those who are opposed to the Gospel and to inform the world about the atrocities committed against Christians.


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