Markaz Ul Bishara
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    The ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharah’ started in Meenangadi, Kerala, as ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharath-lil-Muslimeen’ (Centre for the Good News for Muslims) in 1978 and gradually moved to Manjeri, Kerala. God gave us the Manjeri compound including 88 cents of land purchased from voluntary contributions.

    We longed to share our burden to reach out to Muslims with other believers, and unexpectedly we received a package of books specially prepared for Muslims from a mission work called Centre for Young Adults (Markaz-ul-Shabeeba) in Beirut, Lebanon. We were so glad to receive this literature. Upon reading it, we immediately wrote to the centre and asked for permission to translate, print and distribute the literature among Muslims in the Malabar region, Kerala, South India. It was a great privilege to share our burden with our new missionary friend, who had the same goal and mission. We soon was visited by the missionary’s son so they could get to know us. We promptly received permission to utilize their literature and, with the encouragement of the centre, started the Markaz-ul-Bisharah (Good News Centre). In 1980, leaders from the mission visited our centre and started to financially and spiritually support our missionary activities.

     God blessed our mission with an enormous number of contacts asking for literature and guidance. Within a period of 20 years we had about 650,000 (six hundred and fifty thousand) people contact us. We used to get 1,500 to 3,000 letters a day. We had 6,000 genuine seekers and 900 converts through this outreach. Every post office in Malabar, Kerala, was transacting thousands of mail pieces per month for Markaz-ul-Bisharah.


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Markaz Ul Bishara
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