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     The ‘Markaz-Ul-Bisharah’ started in Meenangadi, Kerala, as ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharath-lil-Muslimeen’ (Centre for the Good News for Muslims) in 1978 and gradually moved to Manjeri, Kerala. God gave us the Manjeri compound including 88 cents of land purchased from voluntary contributions.


    As members of the priesthood of all believers, having been called out of darkness into light by God our Savior, through the redemption freely had given us in Jesus Christ. His son, our Lord, having been recreated by the Spirit through the Gospel to be a worshipping, witnessing, and serving fellowship in Christ Jesus, we as Evangelical believers in the world, consisting of members called out by God’s infinite mercy in Christ Jesus, recognizing that authority in the Church belongs to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and is exercised it in self-giving service, and acknowledging that Christ who has called us to himself, has also sent us into the world as His ambassadors to witness in word and deed to His love for the world, and individuals, free in Christ accountable to one another, rooted in scripture working together to fulfill Christ’s great commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations’,(including the Muslims) we commit ourselves to seeing the church planted and land across the face of the earth. Joyfully we affirm our obedience to the great commission of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. God loves every human being including the Muslims who apart from faith in Christ are under God’s judgment and destined for hell and are thus necessarily lost if they despise and reject Christ. Desiring to make the fullest use of our God given gifts for His Glory and the common good, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to disciple unreached Muslims and so hasten His coming.

  • General Objective: Help Muslims in South India find Christ

     Regarding Islam, India has one amongst the largest Muslim population in the World today, with some 10 crores of Muslims that are scattered throughout India, with highest concentration in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir.

     The northern part of the Indian State of Kerala has one of the densest Muslim populations in India. More than eight million Muslims currently live there are on the Malabar Coast. Tracing their origins back to the earliest decades of Islam these Muslims are proud of and devout in their faith. They call themselves the Mappila or Mopla Muslims and are proud to be the descendants of the Arab Muslims who travelled from Arabia to India even at the time of Muhammad himself at about(609-632 AD). Arabs brought Islam directly to Kerala and the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. For them, Kerala was the first region to be won for Islam in India. Kerala has a very ancient relation with the Middle East even at the time of King Solomon in the pre Islamic period. Muslim merchants also came to Kerala and settled by the 8th or 9th century AD and through them Islam spread e.g. (Malik, son of Dinar). Significant populations of Muslims live in Calicut, Malappuram district in the Malabar region. Kerala’s Muslim population is the fastest growing sect in Kerala. Muslims formed 17.5% of Kerala population in 1971, but due to higher birth rate than average, they increased to 25% of population as of 2001(78,633,42) 138188240.

     Our aim is to help these Muslims of Southern India find Christ. Towards this end we pursue the following general objectives:
  • Recruit prayer and support (both ideal and material) for our evangelistic work among Muslims in South India.
  • Reach out with the Gospel to Muslims in South India using the media, especially literature distribution (person to person and by post) of suitable evangelistic literature specially prepared for Muslims.
  • Pursue personal contacts with Muslims who show interest in the Gospel (either face to face or by correspondence).
  • Help seekers and to find Christ and converts to mature in their Christian faith.
  • Help persecuted seekers and converts from Islam to survive in spite of massive persecution by the Muslim society in South India.
  • Assist converts, who are shunned by Christian churches because of their Muslim origin, to find fellowship with Christians who understand their problems. This fellowship must be comprehensive and should include assistance in finding spouses and work.
  • Train the growing group of active Christian in South India who are interested in Mission among Muslims so that they can more effectively help Muslims find and remain in Christ.

It is our sincere and earnest prayer to our heavenly Father that with these missionary objectives a lasting difference for Christ can made Muslims in South India.

  • Current Situation: Thousands of Muslims are responding to the Gospel

     During the last several years we have placed various advertisements in leading newspapers of South India inviting Muslims to receive evangelistic literature. Two of the different titles that we offered were: “Was Christ really crucified?” and “Does the Qur’an Agree with the findings of Modern Science?”  We were astonished that many Muslims reacted to these advertisements. So far we have received more than 105,000 (One hundred and five thousand) letters by interested or objecting Muslims from South India in reaction to our newspaper campaigns.

     To answer this flood of letters and to send out the appropriate literature we have had to engage four secretaries. After the material was sent out, thousands of Muslims continued their correspondence with us. Hundreds of these contacts have been visited or welcomed for personal encounters in private homes. Two outreach teams, a girl team and a boys team (six persons each), have helped is in this Endeavour. As a result, during the last year and a half, more than 96 Muslims have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and have forsaken their original Muslim faith. Some of them have been persecuted and needed to be sheltered.

      These converts and others from earlier campaigns of outreach among Muslims have been brought together by us in meetings, seminars and conferences to be established in their faith and to clarify questions and doubts concerning their newly found faith in Christ. Many of them have problems finding work or a spouse for themselves or for their siblings, because they are ostracized by their Muslim communities and are often shunned by the existing Christian (Hindu background) churches. In addition, a number of these converts have been heavily persecuted by their Muslim environment for leaving Islam and following Christ. Some of them simply no longer could find a place where they can sleep in peace. We have a great burden to help such converts meet their massive personal needs.

     Parallel to this evangelistic work a growing numbering churches in South India has shown interested in reaching out to Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, many of the active Christians involved were frustrated, because their way of presenting the Gospel did not produce results. We have therefore been approached by leaders to train volunteers for more effective outreach to Muslims. The numbers of Christian interested in this has grown so rapidly that it has become increasingly difficult to find appropriate premises that could host such training sessions.

  • Resulting Need: Expanded Architectural Infrastructure Necessary

     This growing ministry seriously needs an expanded architectural infrastructure. So far most of the work was done in our home in Calicut (now called Kozhikode), Kerala, and in rented facilities. But these are no longer sufficient to do the work effectively. We therefore need a centre with the following facilities:

  • Room for housing the persons occupied with answering the permanent flood of letters reaching us.
  • Room for storing the growing volume of literature that we produce and send out by mail or distribute in campaigns.
  • Room for housing the outreach teams that co operate with us during the time of their engagement with us.
  • Room for sheltering persecuted converts from Islam.
  • Room for doing follow-up work among the converts from Islam in weekend conferences, in week long seminars or in institutes with durations of several weeks or months. For this we need both teaching and learning facilities (lecture hall, library and study hall) as well as dormitory and restoration facilities for housing and feeding the trainees during the time of their training.
  • Room for conducting training programs for Christian volunteers who want to reach out to Muslims. The same facilities as for temporary resident converts can be used here.
  • Room for conducting worship services for converts from surrounding cities and villages who find no access to existing Christian Churches.
  • Room for coordinating the whole work and for providing electrical, water and sanitary facilities.
  • Room for housing our overseas guest and supporters. These facilities should meet a minimum of Western Standards.

  • Potential Solution: Usage of the Centre Campus in Manjeri
               In December 2005 my humble person, Rev. K. K. Alavi, was re-elected to become the Managing trustee of The Bisharah Trust which has its seat in Manjeri, Kerala. This Trust owns a property in the city of Manjeri that has several buildings on it, suitable for the kind of ministry that we are involved in. This campus is called Good News Centre (Markaz-ul-Bisharah= Good news Centre).

     As a result of this development, we now have at our disposition a centre that can potentially meet many of the needs that we have for our ministry among the Muslims in Kerala. However, due to the bad condition of the property and buildings, this centre needs much work so that we can properly use it again. This project that we describe in this brochure aims at repairing, renovating and developing the Bisharah Centre in Manjeri, so that our architectural needs for the ministry can be effectively met.
  • How You Can Help: Pray, Inform Others, Support, Help

        Here are some suggestions as to how you could contribute to the mission of the Bisharah Centre.

    • Pray for the work of the Bisharah Centre. To regularly receive a copy of our prayer letter with the latest news about our ministry, please write to the following address:

    The Managing Trustee, Markaz-Ul-Bisharah
    Industrial Estate Road, Manjeri - 676121
    Malappuram  Kerala, INDIA
    Phone +919446258553
    Bank Details:
    Name of Bank: State Bank of Travancore
    Branch: Manjeri Branch
    Swift Code: SBTRINBBFED
    IFSC: SBTR0000197
    Bank Account Number: 57069281003
    Puspose Code: S1303

    • Make the Bisharah Project known to your friends.  To receive copies of this brochure about the Bisharah Project for distribution to interested friends please contact the above address:

      Donate for the needs of the Bisharah Project. If you want to financially support our work and/or the reconstruction and renovation of the Bisharah Centre then send your donation/contribution directly to us in India

      Participate in a practical mission trip to South India.  If you want to practically help in the reconstruction and renovation of the Bisharah Centre in Manjeri during a two week trip to South India, then contact the above address.

      Origins and History of Bisharah Centre

      God’s Call

           The gospel of Christ quenched my soul and the person of Christ satisfied the longings of my heart. God in His divine mercy guided me into the knowledge of His Son, My heart became ablaze for the love of Christ as I learned through the teachings of the Holy Spirit. He has created in me an ambition to evangelize Muslims.
           Since 1970, my heart’s desire and prayer to God has been that Muslim might be saved. I speak the truth in Christ, my conscience bearing witness in the Holy Spirit that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart for them. Just as Paul, the apostle, spoke of the Jews, I can speak of Muslims: “they have zeal of God but not according to knowledge.”
           Muslims don’t understand that Christ died to make them right with God. Instead they are trying to make them selves good enough to gain God’s favor by keeping laws and customs. That is not God’s of salvation. “For Christ is the end of law for righteousness to everyone that believes.” Since then, I have been witnessing to Muslims, whether the masses or individuals, educated or illiterates and many have come to Christ for salvation.
           In 1976 I finished my theological training at the Concordia Theological Seminary. I was ordained as a pastor in the evangelical Lutheran Church in Meenangadi and put in charge of 3 congregations in Wayanadu, Kerala, India.
           That same year the Lord showed me in a vision various multitudes of different religions passing by with the last lot being Muslims. Then Jesus, seeing the huge crowd of Muslims, looked at me face-to-face with tears in His eyes. Ever since that vision, I have had great burden to reach out to Muslims.

      Ministry Team
           All of us laboring in this ministry come from a Muslim background. Our deepest needs have all been and are being fulfilled in Jesus Christ, our Savior. Therefore, we have a desire to share that good news with our Muslim brothers and sisters. The Lord has gifted us to utilize our backgrounds as we reach out to Muslims with the love of Jesus Christ.
           Our team members have a variety of experiences and training. Some are new believers and others are mature in their faith. Our fellowship provides opportunity for spiritual growth and edification. We serve to encourage and strengthen one another through life’s difficulties.
      Our Aim is:

      • “That the Gentiles [Muslims] should be fellow heirs, and the same body and partakers of his promise in Christ by the Gospel” (Eph 3:6). “And this is life eternal that they [Muslims] might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent” (John 17:3)
      • To equip and train new believers to share their faith with other Muslims. We desire that each Muslim won for Christ will turn win other Muslim soul for Jesus. By God’s grace, Muslim converts can effectively lead Muslims to Christ.

           Evangelistic activities include literature distribution, Bible correspondence courses, friendship meetings, open-air meetings, conferences, contact follow-up, and team evangelism. These activities seek to win Muslims to Christ, disciple and equip believers, and prepare congregations to receive converts.
           The Lord has also been using our charitable outreach. During our mission work at the Bisharah complex, charitable outreach became so effective that even Muslim maulawis recommended Bisharah to people in need. In addition, Muslim Madrasa teachers request our help for students in need. It was primarily Muslims who enjoyed the benefits of our charitable outreach.

      History of Bisharah

           The ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharah’ started in Meenangadi, Kerala, as ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharath-lil-Muslimeen’ (Centre for the Good News for Muslims) in 1978 and gradually moved to Manjeri, Kerala. God gave us the Manjeri compound including 88 cents of land purchased from voluntary contributions.

           I longed to share my burden to reach out to Muslims with other believers, and unexpectedly I received a package of books specially prepared for Muslims from a mission work called Centre for Young Adults (Markaz-Ul-Shabeeba) in Beirut, Lebanon. I was so glad to receive this literature. Upon reading it, I immediately wrote to the centre and asked for permission to translate, print and distribute the literature among Muslims in the Malabar region, Kerala, South India. It was a great privilege to share my burden with my new missionary friend, who had the same goal and mission. I soon was visited by the missionary’s son so they could get to know me. I promptly received permission to utilize their literature and, with the encouragement of the centre, started the Markaz-ul-Bisharah (Good News Centre). In 1980, leaders from the mission visited our centre and started to financially and spiritually support our missionary activities.

           God blessed our mission with an enormous number of contacts asking for literature and guidance. For the last 34 years we had about 650,000 (six hundred and fifty thousand) people contact us. We used to get 1,500 to 3,000 letters a day. We had more than 25000 genuine seekers and thousands converts through this outreach. This caused the Muslims to gnash their teeth.

           Every post office in Malabar, Kerala, was transacting thousands of mail pieces per month for Markaz-ul-Bisharah. The local postman and postmaster were Muslims and were ironically bringing thousands of Christian literature requests to us and delivering thousands of Christian literature pieces to Muslims.

      Dangers and Potential Difficulties Associated with Bisharah

           Over the years, I have prayed for revival of the Bisharah complex. A centre once used mightily for the glory of God and for the blessing of many has been more or less unutilized for eight years now. There is much renovation work that needs to be done, but we praise God that renovation has begun. In addition, there is outstanding debt on the complex- about three million rupees.
      The difficulties that the Bisharah ministry faced, as outlined in the history, were a result of attacks from Muslim fanatics. These sorts of attacks may happen at any time in future.

           The State of Kerala contains over 10 million Muslims, the fourth highest state in India by Muslim population percentage. They are some of the most fanatical Muslims in all of India and are eager to be agents of persecution. Unfortunately they act as if Kerala is an Islamic state where Sharia (Islamic law) is in force. The Sharia declares that the punishment for a Muslim who leaves Islam is execution. Mohammed said, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him!” (Bukhari Vol 9, Tradition Nr. 97). Such heavy penalties and punishment are not only for the convert but also for his family, friends and his region. I am still facing the consequences of my conversation from Islam.

           Today, many intellectual and educated Muslims strongly oppose the traditional Muslim doctrine of apostasy and its punishment. However, civilization cannot eradicate the deep-seated conviction of many pious Muslims who seek to follow the example of Muhammad. This Islamic law remains alive and well in the minds of many Indian Muslims, especially those in the Malabar region.

           Killings take place, but laws in India are in place to protect Christians who convert from Islam. Converts are typically “killed” socially and economically. The convert is regarded as worse than dead by his family. They lose their spouse, their children, their job, their home and all contacts within the Muslim community. Every Muslim knows that his life is in danger if he becomes a Christian and this naturally deters many who are convinced of the truth of Gospel to profess faith in Christ. Many secretly believe in Jesus but are fearful of professing Him openly, particularly weak and poor believers who cannot assert their protection under the law.

           By the Lord’s Spirit, Bisharah serves as a life saver and life giver to those who have died to Islam and have come alive in Christ. This does not happen without risk to the convert, to our mission workers, and to the Bisharah complex.
      Thank you for your interest in God’s glorifying work through Bisharah. May God the father of Our Lord be exalted? Amen.
      Yours in His Service,
      Rev. K. K. Alavi

    About the Managing Director

       Rev. K. K. Alavi was born in an orthodox muslim family and is well-versed in Qur'an and Islamic doctrine, but a Christian booklet "The Heart of Pak" awakened in him an uncomfortable realization of his sinfulness. In spite of precautions he continued to search for assurance and true peace by studying and comparing both Bible and Qur'an. And how at last I found the Truth, the light of the world true light which enlightens every man that comes in to the world, Jesus Christ in whom dwelled all the fullness of the God head bodily after several years of physical suffering, mental anguish, and spiritual longings. It took nearly seven years of study of the Bible and Qur'an. Then my heart was ablaze for the love of Christ when I learn teaching of the Holy Spirit. My ambition is the evangelization of the Muslims

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